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Grand Prize

One (1) Sidney Crosby signed jersey (87-457)

2nd Overall

One (1) Mitch Marner signed jersey (58-502)

3rd Overall

One (1) Josh Anderson Signed jersey (57-405)

Monthly Winner

Signed pucks

One entry per person.
Anyone found to have used multiple accounts will be eliminated.
You must have three forwards, two defencemen, and one goalie on your team at all times.
The salary cap is $30 million. A team must not go over the salary cap at any time or they’re eliminated.
Every team has one trade per month. They do not carry over.
Trades keep the old player’s points and only get the new player’s points from the trade date forward.
1 Point
1 Point
Hat Trick
2 Points
Goalie Win
2 Points
Goalie Shutout
3 Points

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