Why am I not receiving any OfficePools notifications or emails?

General email, general help

If an admin or poolies are not receiving emails, there are 4 common problems that this could be a result of:

  1. Are they registered as a user? You must ensure that all members of your pool have signed up for an account on OfficePools. This is necessary as a result of, Canada's new anti-spam legislation, OfficePools requires you to create a user account and opt-in to receiving emails.
  2. Is [email protected] on their blocked emails list? Make sure that this OfficePools email address is not on your blocked list. With many email platforms a blocked email list is an option, which eliminates specific emails from reaching your inbox.
  3. Is it in their spam? Please check your spam folder to make sure that is not where the emails are.
  4. Are they subscribed to emails? Please make sure you are subscribed to emails coming from OfficePools. Check your subscription settings here.

If you do not have an account with OfficePools, you will not be able to receive emails. Signup here