Join any hockey pool below with an entry fee. You’ll contribute to their fundraising cause while playing in a public hockey pool!

100% of your entry fee goes to the fundraising organization (minus taxes).

National Contest Eligibility

For pools labeled with “Part of National Contest”, you will simultaneously be entered into’s National Contest when you enter. This means you’ll be ranked nationally for a chance to win the ultimate grand prize!


    National Prizes:

  • $1,000 cash to the Association for the 1st Place winner signing up through them
  • $750 cash to the Association for the 2nd Place winner signing up through them
  • $500 cash to the Association for the 3rd Place winner signing up through them
  • $1,000 cash to the Association with the most users

For further information, please read our Terms & Conditions

Carleton Place Girls Hockey
National Contest

Winner $100

Runner Up $50

Wild Card $50

Cloverdale Minor Softball Assn
British Columbia
National Contest

50% of proceeds to the team

of the remaining pool

50% for 1st Place

30% for 2nd Place

20% for 3rd Place

Mississauga Terriers
National Contest

Hi Everyone 

We the 06 Terriers a running this pool in order help raise funds for the Make-A-Wish foundation.  Last year we raised over $10,000 and we alooking for your help in accomplishing this goal again. 

This year we want to enter the national compitition so please pass on the link to as many hockey fans that you know and incourage them to join.

Thank you for joining our pool and the best of luck. 

U13AA NWCAA Bronks Hockey Team
National Contest

1st: 25%

2nd: 15%

3rd: 10%

Ontario Tusks Baseball Academy
National Contest




Stoney Creek Minor Hockey Assoc.
National Contest

Welcome to SCMHA 2021/2022 Hockey NHL Hockey Pool.

This hockey season we will be hosting our first ever association wide hockey pool with proceeds going to support annual expenses that are not covered by player registrations.  


North Halton Twisters Atom AA
National Contest

1st place = 45%

2nd = 10%

3rd = 5%

Other 40% goes towards Twister player

Hematology Cycelpaths
Nova Scotia
National Contest

1st Place: 25%

2nd Place: 15%

3rd Place: 10%

50% will go towards the QE2 Foundations 2021 Ride for Cancer.

Baseball Oshawa
National Contest

Prizing to be determined based on # of entries received! Thank you for your support for our 9U AAA Legionaires!

Ontario Blind Sports Association
National Contest

Welcome to the 2021-2022 Ontario Goalball fundraising hockey pool. Thank you for all who have supported us.

1st place: $100

2nd place: $75

3rd place: $50

Brookside Parent Advisory Assoc
National Contest

1st place - 35% of entries

2nd place - 10% of entries

3rd place - 5% of entries

Parent Advisory Association will use the remaining 50% for school and student support as prioritized by the school administration.

Kerry Park Islanders U15A
British Columbia
National Contest

First Place: $100.00

Second Place: $50.00

Third Place: $20.00

Mariners College Baseball
British Columbia
National Contest

Welcome to the inaugural VIU Mariners hockey pool.

Depending on the amount of entries...

Prize money will be divided as follows :

45%, 30%, 15%, 10%

Send to as many people as possible!

Many prizes are available, including The association with the most amount of entries - receives $1000

Thanks in advance for your SUPPORT!

Oshawa Lady B's U19
National Contest

First Prize is $500

Oshawa Minor U18 AAA
National Contest


London Jr Knight U13 AAA
National Contest

1ST = $700

2ND = $300

3RD = $200

KV Minor Hockey Association
New Brunswick
National Contest

25% to the winner.

10% to second place.

5% to third.


KVMHA does not have an active phone number. The number above is my work cell.


Clarington Flames U15BB Pool
National Contest

1st, 2nd and 3rd Prize cash winnings based on total entries.

Coquitlam Minor Hockey U15 A2
British Columbia
National Contest

$200 - 1st 

NY Knights 2012 AA
National Contest

Thanks in advance for your support of the fundraising efforts for our NY Knights 2012 AA team!

- $20 entry per team

- 50% of Pool funds to support NY Knights 2012 AA fundraising efforts

- 50% of Pool funds to be shared among the Top 3 teams in the Pool

  • 50% to 1st Place
  • 30% to 2nd Place
  • 20% to 3rd Place

- Winners will be paid out at the conclusion of the NHL regular season

National Contest

This year half of all the proceeds will be going to Jesse Jubb, For almost 8 years Jesse has been battling with a brain tumor. He's had numerous surgeries along with 5 life long illnesses as a result of the tumor. The struggles of travelling to Edmonton for appointments and his mother having to be off of work to care for him has put a financial stress on the family. We're looking to help them out with some of those burdens!

1st- 25% of pot, $100 to Earls, $50 to Ernies, $50 to Blackmans and $25 to Edwards

2nd- 17% of pot, $100 to Earls, $50 Blackmans and $25 to Edwards

3rd- 8% of pot, $50 to Blackmans and $25 to Edwards

4th- $50 to Blackmans and $25 to Edwards

Last- Package from Sticky's Candy and Toys

National Contest

1st Place - 15%

2nd Place - 10%

3rd Place - 5%

Support the Nepean Raiders U12A Competitive team and give yourself a chance to win big!

Annapolis East Archery Club
Nova Scotia
National Contest

50% of the fees will be divided to 25% for 1st. 15% for 2nd and 10% for 3rd.

Pulford Community Living Service
National Contest

Welcome to the Pulford 2021-22 NHL Fundraising Pool! The goal is to raise funds to create a home that meets the accessibility requirements for Manitobans we support. This endeavor would help transition people with intellectual disabilities who also use wheelchairs from an institutionalized environment into their residence in the community. By joining the league, you are helping us achieve our vision of an equal and inclusive world where adults living with intellectual disabilities can fully participate in communities all over Manitoba. 

65% of the proceeds will go towards the overall goal and the other 35% towards the cash payout (1st place – 50%, 2nd place – 30%, 3rd place – 20%)

As well, each team owner will be entered into a monthly draw for a chance to win a $50 gift card. (Draws will be monthly starting in October and ending in March.)

Juan de Fuca Minor Hockey
British Columbia
National Contest

1st - $250

2nd - $100

last - $50

Saskatoon Titans AA Hockey Club
National Contest

Total Prize Pool Breakdown:

Saskatoon Titans = 50%

1st Place = 25%

2nd Place = 15%

3rd Place = 10%

Paradise Valley Minor Hockey
National Contest

40% to the PV Minor Hockey Association

1st - 35%
2nd - 15%
3rd - 10%